Good thoughts 💭.

My previous wife would start arguments regularly. I could never understand why.

Later, after she had left and we were divorced, I watched the “Love & Respect” DVD lessons that went along with the book.

It pointed out how many women would start arguments in an effort to connect more intimately with their husbands.

That was a light bulb 💡 moment for me.

I’m sure as irrational as it sounds it was probably very true.

I’ve never been in a relationship with so much conflict.

We both played our parts. After hours of being lectured I would blow up, volcano 🌋, and say mean & hurtful things.

Out of the abundance of the heart.

But the Lord had a redemptive purpose in it and used all of it to mold and shape me to become more like Him.

I pray 🙏 the same for her.

It was a object lesson for me that anger kills relationship.

I’ve grown spiritually in many other areas as well. I’m much quicker to lay down my wants or turn them over to the Lord.

I’ve been very, very blessed in my marriage now. I’m very thankful, we relate wonderfully. I don’t take anything for granted.

Things my previous wife found irritating my current one finds endearing.

God is so compassionate, slow to anger, and GOOD.

Your article has good insights. Thanks

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Thank you Pastor Steve for the insights of conversations. Looking back into my own life, I could have used this wonderful lesson. I've learned alot in my 69 years. And this helps me very much. Thank you again!!!

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Beautifully expressed, I fully agree . These experiences help refine us for our future glory. As a woodworker I love the final result of sanding a piece and feeling how smooth it is, but when God uses his sandpaper in my life…ouch it hurts!

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I agree. I have mixed feelings on the way I just spoke with a Christian woman in group. I'm quite sure she is a lovely woman. Unfortunately, there are certain things that people can say that really trigger me. I'm not sure if I need to change or I keep myself prepared for war at all times. I just in a place where injustice, child sacrifice, corruption, and abuse of authority sends me nuclear. Knowing what I know about the horrors of satanic ritual abuse on babies and young children is terrible enough. However, when I hear Christians talk about loving these monsters or worshipping to win the battle, I feel I'm not connecting. There's a war out here for our young and I really don't think it's time for choirs and sing alongs. I feel like storming the gates of hell and setting the captives free. I am alone, now by choice, and quite love my quiet lifestyle where I spend all my time chilling, learning, speaking in tongues and comforted by The Holy Spirit. However, when I'm in prayer I'm find myself in warfare mode. When I'm in court I'm in warfare mode when I'm addressing or confronting demonic powers and having to cast demons out of people, or God's called me to command powers to take their hands off certain Nations, I'm in warfare mode. I truly don't mean to offend. However, God told me years ago, "If I wanted you normal, I would have raised you normal. " I've learned to accept this about me. I am sorry if I hurt that lady's feelings. I'm sorry that I may come across combative. I am, when I'm called to participate in my calling. I sincerely hope that fellow Christians just wouldn't take it personal. I'm offensive. I hate this fallen world and I don't see the corrupt as my superiors, especially because I know what they do when the sun goes down and doors are closed...the debauchery is inexcusable and I can not hold the corrupt and the unjust in high regards. I do so hope I'll be able to continue to learn from you.

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